APS HEAD OFFICEBijilo7222721/2496733
BASSEOpposite NAWEC at the New Story Building Shop # 62770434
BAKAUOpposite Bakau School7437489
BAKOTEHBakoteh Tippa Garage Mall of The Gambia2594815
BANJULIndependence Drive after RVTH Opposite Bakau Garage2594838
BANSANGEasy Financial Services - Opposite Elton Pertol Station5377015
BARRAEasy Financial Services - Opposite Atlas Pertol Station5377025
BRIKAMAAt the Market next GT Bank2670220
BUNDUNGNext to Bundung Mosque on the Highway2894215
CHURCHILL'S TOWNNext to Sobeya Skills Centre3544134/2922809
COASTAL ROADTech World Petrol Station Sinchu Highway2922809
FARAFENNIOpposite Ecobank (next to the area council)7076500
FARATOTelecentre Junction by the Mosque7969674
LAMINEasy Financial Services - King's Junction2288236
KAIRABA AVENUEAdjacent to American Embassy3995264/7023275
SERRE KUNDA - BARTESSNext to Trust Bank Saho Kunda7404534
SOMAAt the Area Council Building7245361
SUKUTATraffic lights junction at the Petrogas2054378
SANCHABA SULAY JOBENext to the Market7926997