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APS Money Transfer is the leading International Money Transfer Service to The Gambia, Senegal, and Other African countries. We conduct thousands of transactions every day with absolute integrity, honesty and passion. We only partner with the best businesses that serve our customers needs and meet our high standards.

We are the only money transfer service that has direct integration with GSM operators to top up mobile credit in The Gambia automatically, no matter where you are in the world.

You can send money for Instant Cash Pick-up, transfer money directly into your Bank Account in The Gambia, send cash power or mobile credit online from the comfort of your sofa in the diaspora using a Mobile, Tablet or Computer device or by downloading our APS Mobile app.

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Value and Inclusion

APS Money Transfer service gives value for money and provides convenience to our customers. We have a wider pay-out network in The Gambia and customers can receive their money transfers from any APS Branch or our Agent locations across The Gambia.

We provide our customers hassle-free and speedy service, faster pay-out, and excellent customer service delivery. Customer service is at the heart of our service, and we provide great customer service and transaction support to our customers and their beneficiaries.

We are passionate about financial inclusion for our local communities and to see that remittance collection is easier for people living in towns and villages at the same time supporting local communities. We are key advocates and implementers of financial inclusion as a financial service provider.

We bring remittance collection closer to home where customers can receive their transfers at community level.

APS Money Transfer is the first company to pay remittances at local levels. Looking at the way convention banks operates in the Gambia; they only have their branches in only the administrative headquarters in each region. This means depriving thousands of Gambians from accessing a financial service.

APS Money Transfer took advantage of this situation and recruited agents outside Greater Banjul Area where customers can receive their money transfers. We believe that customers shouldn’t travel far for remittance collection.

In addition to our branch networks, we have agents all over the Gambia from Kartong to Koina where customers can collect their money transfers. Our Financial inclusion drive seeks to provide:

  1. Financial inclusion for our communities by accessing an essential service
  2. Save money on transports for remittance collection
  3. Convenient service by reducing journey times.
  4. Empower our local communities
  5. Creating employment in our rural settings and boosting local economies

Our Values

Our values define who we are and what we stand for as a company shaping the foundation of how we serve our customers. Living these values is at the heart of all that we do, and is demonstrated every day in our many interactions with customers, colleagues and the global community.


We conduct business each day with an absolute commitment to ethics, honesty and credibility. Our employees and agents foster trust, so our customers can be confident their transactions are safe, fast and reliable.


Our partnerships with employees, agents and banks that support our business are critical to our success. These partnerships enable us to better understand our customers in order to deliver services that exceed their expectations.


We develop our employees through new opportunities and challenges and we recognize and reward high performers. We embrace diversity and respect the commitment our team make to our business, their families and society.


We are passionate about our business and offering our customers the best service every time. We are proud to enable our customers to achieve their dreams. We lead by example in giving back to the communities we serve and help in part with our responsibility to improve our world.

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Our mission is to enable hard working people in the UK and around the world, safely and securely transfer money to The Gambia and other countries worldwide at a reasonable cost with the most favourable exchange rates.

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