Social Enterprise

Giving Back

APS International Ltd serves as a resource, advocate and trusted partner with our customers, grassroots and community organizations, development agencies, and policy makers. We have a rich and consistent history of giving back in the communities where we live and work.

We have a passion for doing the right things for our customers, employees and society.

We provide value through the jobs we create and the programs we support. Our social enterprise efforts help to amplify the impact of serving others, a powerful force for social good. Our employees contribute their time, talents and resources to benefit local communities

APS International Ltd have a deep rooted commitment to enrich the lives of Africans by expanding their economic opportunity.

Our social Enterprise Efforts focus on three primary areas

Supporting Cultural Cohesion

We recognize the importance of helping individuals and families build strong communities, in which all members can contribute their distinctive talents.

Creating Pathways To Opportunities

We help diverse individuals & communities realize their tremendous potential with scholarships supporting financial literacy, entrepreneurship, job training, and other skills necessary on the journey to a better life.

Fostering Hope In Africa

We support relief, community centers, and access to technology to enable Africans to have the same opportunities that exist elsewhere.