APS HEAD OFFICEBijilo7222721/2496733
BASSELocated at the former Dunuya Cinema2770434
BAKAUOpposite Bakau School7437489
BAKOTEHBakoteh Tippa Garage Mall of The Gambia2594815
BANJULIndependence Drive after RVTH Opposite Bakau Garage2594838
BANSANGEasy Financial Services - Opposite Elton Pertol Station5377015
BARRAEasy Financial Services - Opposite Atlas Pertol Station5377025
BRIKAMAAt the Market next GT Bank2670220
BRIKAMA (APS WALLET OFFICE)Opposite Methodist School, next to the Brikama Area Council7293708
BUNDUNGJJM next to Bundung Mosque on the Highway2894215
CHURCHILL'S TOWNNext to Sobeya Skills Centre3544134/2922809
COASTAL ROADTech World Petrol Station Sinchu Highway2922809
FARAFENNIOpposite Ecobank (next to the area council)7076500
FARATOTelecentre Junction by the Mosque7969674
LAMINEasy Financial Services - King's Junction2288236
KAIRABA AVENUEAdjacent to American Embassy3995264/7023275
SERRE KUNDA - BARTESSNext to Trust Bank Saho Kunda7404534
SOMAAt the Area Council Building7245361
SUKUTATraffic lights junction at the Petrogas2054378
SANCHABA SULAY JOBENext to the Market7926997
TURNTABLE (BRUSUBI)JJM Branch after Oxry petrol station before AGIB Bank3645510