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Mobile Top-Up

Mobile phone adoption in the Gambia is about 160% which translates to almost every Gambian owning a mobile phone. However, mobile data in the Gambia is expensive an average Gambian sometimes struggles to load data onto their mobile. Inter-connectivity is also expensive.

With APS Mobile Credit top-up service, people living in the diaspora can reduce the burden by sending mobile credit to family and loved ones in The Gambia and receiving it within minutes. Benefits of APS Mobile Credit top-up service:

Cash Power Credit Top Up

Every night in The Gambia, many homes suffer electricity blackout not because of power cuts but due to lack of cash power credit. This can be frustrating especially at odd hours when all shops selling cash power are closed and to stay in darkness till morning only to go out and queue to get cash power is even more frustrating.

Benefits of our Cash Power Credit Top-up is to ease the cash power burden on families and loved ones in The Gambia. Another benefit is that our cash power top-up service gives customers assurance that the top-up is going to be used only for the purpose it is intended for. You can send cash power from anywhere in the diaspora to the Gambia and help family and loved ones receive it instantly.

Why use cash power credit top-up?

POS Payment Service

If you’re planning to go on holiday in The Gambia and worrying about running out of cash, then this service got you covered! You can transfer money to yourself whilst on holiday in The Gambia using our POS Service. Customers can now pay for their transactions over the phone and our customer service team will create a reference for them instantly.

This service is for those who would like express service and is also aimed at holidaymakers traveling to The Gambia for holidays either visiting families and relatives, on a business trip, or for tourism. Most often than not, holidays can be disrupted when you run out of CASH, and this can sometimes get frustrating, especially at the time when you need it most and when you cannot access money from anywhere. This is a huge challenge as it is difficult to estimate how much cash will be adequate to carry and some customers would rely on calling a friend or family member in the diaspora to send them extra cash. 

With APS HOLIDAY CASH (POS SERVICE), is the solution for you. With your European or USA Bank card, you can transfer money to yourself whilst on holidays in The Gambia.

Our friendly customer service will create your transaction reference and you can receive your money instantly regardless of anywhere you are in the Gambia.

Customers can call from any part of the Gambia and use this service. They do no necessary have to be physically present in our branches to use this service. It is just a phone call away.

You can pay using your Debit or Credit Card for the following currencies. Great British Pound, EURO, US Dollar, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krone, Danish Krone.

Mobile Wallets to Senegal

APS Money Transfer provides new payment options to Senegal and Other African Countries for instant and convenient remittance collection through Mobile Wallet Services. In our continued drive to provide fast, reliable, safe, convenient, and better ways to send money back home to family and loved ones, this service will deliver on our promise to provide the most convenient ways for remittance collection to you our esteemed customers.

Customers can send instant money transfers to mobile wallets in Senegal, Kenya, and other African countries. Once you send a mobile wallet transaction, beneficiaries will receive instant notifications directly on their mobile phones about the transfer and the funds will be instantly available for all cash pick-up and Mobile Wallet transactions. Customers can now send money to more mobile wallets in Senegal now than ever before with the addition of more mobile wallet service.

Bank Deposit Service

This service is tailor made for people looking to develop regular savings pattern in The Gambia. Customers can also use this service to pay businesses especially when they are making repayments to their house mortgages in The Gambia.

This service has benefitted and is continuing to benefit many customers who took house mortgages from estate agents with a repayment plan. Our bank deposit service anyone to make either a one-time payment to any account in The Gambia or make regular repayments in case of mortgages.

NDUGA (Food & Groceries & Building Materials

APS NDUGA is our unique and innovative service that provides and delivers HIGH QUALITY ESSENTIAL GOODS locally sold in The Gambia.

With Nduga, Gambians living abroad can now purchase quality food items such as Cooking Oil, Rice, Sugar, and other daily provisions for their families and loved ones, from their favourite shops in the Gambia. With Nduga, we will contact your beneficiary in the Gambia and arrange deliver of your items to them, at their convenience.

Nduga is not only about bringing these essential items to the doorsteps of families, we also want to help change the way people consume food by giving them access to high-quality food thereby encouraging healthy eating.

This goes to say that the availability of Good Quality Food shouldn’t be expensive. With APS Nduga, we merge Quality with Affordability.

Buy daily provisions like Bag of rice, sugar, cooking oil and other essential goods even from the remotest villages across the Gambia with a click of a button on your smart phone, Tablet or computer at the comfort of your sofa in diaspora.

APS Nduga also partners with Building and construction material suppliers with a discounted wholesale price to help you build your big and magnificent houses on time.


Cash Pickup Service

Our cash pick-up service offers FAST, RELIABLE, and INSTANT cash collection from our branches and across our agent locations throughout in The Gambia.

We have a wide pay-out network in The Gambia and customers have more pay-out collections with APS now than ever before. Since we are exclusively serving APS customers, we can offer our valued customers: